UForce Controller (Nintendo NES) (Pre-Played)


$ 21.99 

Introducing U-Force, the revolutionary controller for your Nintendo Entertainment System. So hot, no one can touch it. Now you can feel the power without touching a thing. It's U-FORCE from Broderbund - the first and only video game controller that, without touching anything, electronically senses your every move, and reacts. There's nothing to hold, nothing to jump on, nothing to wear, U-Force creates a power field that responds to your every command--making you the controller. It's the most amazing accessory in video game history - and it will change the way you play video games forever. It's the challenge of the future. U-Force. Now nothing comes between you and the game. Works with virtually ALL Nintendo games! Plugs right into your NES Control deck. Firing Grips and T-Bar(included) make U-Force the only accessoy you'll ever need!