Top Loading Nintendo NES Console (Nintendo NES) (Pre-Played - Game System)


$ 129.99 

Includes top-loading NES game console, 1 dog bone style controller, 1 grey zapper gun and all plugs + our 30 day warranty.

The NES-101 model of the Nintendo Entertainment System (informally known as the NES 2, the top-loading model, or simply the Top Loader) is a compact, top-loading redesign of the original Nintendo Entertainment System video game console released by Nintendo in 1993.

Nintendo marketed the NES-101 model as the Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck, exactly the same as the original NES-001 model, only with a "new design" logo on the packaging. The NES-101 model is stylistically similar to the HVC-101 model of the Family Computer, which was released in Japan at roughly the same time.