Sure Shot for Wii (Wii) (Good)

$ 19.99 

Enjoy more stability and accuracy as you play your favorite shooter games with the CTA Wii Sure Shot Rifle. This authentic-looking gaming accessory is designed to provide players with more control over their aim. The Wii rifle can make any type of hunting and war-themed game more exciting to play. It features realistic shooting action and improved aim for precise target shooting. The stock barrel may be removed so that the Sure Shot rifle can be used in three authentic modes. This allows you to have three functional controllers in one. This gaming gun features a trigger that functions while the user operates the Wii remote. It requires a Wii remote and Nunchuk to play. It uses a distinct white color and an orange tip for safety. The CTA Wii Sure Shot Rifle is a gaming accessory designed to simulate the look and experience of an authentic rifle. CTA Sure Shot Rifle:
  • Uses a distinct toy gun white color and orange tip for safety
  • This Wii rifle requires a Wii Remote and Nunchuk to play (sold separately)
  • Realistic shooting action
  • Comes with improved aim for precise shooting
  • Stock barrel can be removed so that the user can play in three different modes
  • Simulates the look and feel of an authentic rifle
  • Ideal for playing shooter style games on a Nintendo Wii system