Super Nintendo System (Super Nintendo) (Uglies)

$ 49.99 

The Super NES is the ideal system for the player that is ready for the next level of challenge!

The Super NES Control Deck
The Super NES Control Deck features custom 16-bit technology that allows for over 32,000 dazzling colors, high resolution graphics and exciting eight channel stereo sound.
Characters will be bigger. The animation smoother. Graphics will scroll or rotate in every direction. You'll see detail and phenomenal 3-D effects like never before!

Super NES Controller
The high-tech design and functions of the Super NES Controller provides amazing play control. It's shaped to fit in your hand comfortably. Eight control buttons plus the standard cross-key allow greater game play options!

*Uglies indicates that the item may contain varying levels of wear and/or serious cosmetic damage; however, the item still functions and is offered at a discounted price.