Game Shark Media Player(Playstation 2)(Pre-Played - Game Only)

$ 13.99 

GameShark Media Player enables PS2 owners to stream music, video, and digital images from their computer to their PlayStation 2 via the Network Adapter. Functional with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux! 

includes features like...
- Playback capability of video formats: MPEG-1, 2 & 4, DivX 3.X, 4.X and 5.X video, and others 
- Playback capability of music formats: MP3 and OGG 
- Viewing of standard digital photography formats: JPEG and PNG 
- Support for 16:9 display ratio and progressive scan (480p)output (with a HDTV and component cabling) 
- Full trick-play functionality (VCR functions, such as fast-forward, rewind, pause, stop and play)
- Support for video resolutions: up to720x320 (letterbox and 512X384 (4:3) and more