A Note on Collectible Item Conditions (Condition)

When shopping any of our websites or in our stores, you will notice that we segment games into 5 categories:

  • Brand New - new in original packaging and include original components.
  • Like New - might as well be new but someone removed the wrap or opened the box, but you can't even tell it happened!
  • Very Good - item is complete with all original components. It will include original jewel case/box, artwork, instruction manuals and any included items where applicable.  All items will show little to no wear.
  • Good - item is completed and will include jewel case/box, artwork and manuals  Items will show slight wear from use.  Labels on cartridges might show minor wear.  Manuals might show minor wear from use.
  • Pre-Played - these items might not be complete.  These items will be game or system/accessory only and might not include boxes or manuals.  These items will show wear from use and might also have sticker or marker residue on them.

Please shop our sites and stores with confidence!  We test all items before we put them into inventory.  .

We offer a 30-day warranty on any game system or accessory that is purchased from us. We have you covered and want you to feel confident that even pre-owned systems and accessories will bring you tons of carefree game time.

Happy Gaming!  J2Games.com

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